Selected Accomplishments
Selected Skills
Project Management
Software Engineering
Team Building & Mentoring, Project Scheduling, Client Relations & Presentations, Risk-Management, Assessments, Greenfield Projects Analysis: Rapid elicitation of System Requirements through Use-Case Analysis and Non-Functional Prototypes System Design: Data Modelling, System Design Specification, Interface Control Specification, Performance Analysis, Algorithm-Complexity, Pattern-Driven Design, Domain-Driven Design, Intention-Revealing Interfaces Software Audit/Review: Mentoring, Software Metrics, Code-Review Languages: C++11/17 (with MISRA C++), C, Assembly Languages, Python, Shell-Script, UML, XML Systems: Linux, Windows, QNX, RTOS-Kernel Libraries: STL, Boost, QT, wxWidgets, GigaBASE, mySQL, MetaKit, VToolsD, Dundas Ultimate Toolbox, Guiliani, wpa_supplicant Tools:  Visual Studio, gcc, clang, MinGW, VTune, Parallel Studio, Purify / Quantify / Coverage, Insure++, Valgrind, Dr. Memory, Clang-Sanitizer, Subversion, Git, CMake, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence, BugZilla, Trac, TestRail, Polarion, Enterprise Architect, CLion, Coati, Wireshark, Understand 3.x, Typora TCP/IP, UDP, SDLC, HDLC, X.25, X.75, MNP4/ MNP5, V.42/V.42bis, V.44, RLP, CAN, ADASIS, NMEA 0183 Agile Software Development, Scrum, Extreme Programming / Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, Story-Cards, V-Model, Generic Programming, Refactoring German: Native English: Full professional proficiency